Our portfolio consists of an up to date collection of all our published web design projects. All projects listed here are live sites, and the design is completed, or the initial phase is completed.  The portfolio is divided into four sections, based on the web site’s intended use.  Each project has an individual page containing snapshots of the site, and a description of the site. Clicking on the thumbnail images on the portfolio pages will open the full sized image in a new window.

The portfolio pages are graphic intensive, and each contains several large thumbnail images. The pop up full size image windows are also fairly large in size.  This may cause these pages to load a little slowly, one or two minutes, even with a high speed connection. Pages will takes several minutes to load when using a dial up connection.

Government Sites:

Business Sites:

  • Raysure
    Provides web presence, and basic information on the company, it’s financial services, and how to contact them to retain their services.
  • RedRose-Treasures Network
    This web site for a web hosting business provides information on their services, online ordering, secure payment processing, and a full customer support area. The customer support area is access controlled, has documentation, a help desk application, and live billing support.

Commercial Sites:

  • Vincent D’Onofrio Web Site For Fans
    A multi-application, multimedia web site devoted to the career of actor Vincent D’Onofrio. It contains an extensive custom gallery setup, a scrapbook, a forum, and guest book, all sharing a custom site style.
  • MyWeb20
    A subdomain community built to allow friends and family to more easily share photos. It contains multiple applications integrated into the site structure.

Personal Sites:


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